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Samsun makes some of the best SSD laptop drive and USB 3.0 external SSD drives for speeding up your PC / Mac experience. 500GB Samsung notebook SSD drives for laptop offer many advantages over regular HDD discs at a very competitive price if compared to OCZ, SanDisk, Transcend or Seagate solid state hard drive prices. Find the latest model 830 Samsung SSD on sale.

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Samsung SSD 830 512GB Review

Samsung is known for making NAND flash, which raised the expectation for the solid-state drive, which is among the company’s newest product.
Upon testing the drive, Samsung certainly does not fail you. The SSD is great, much like what was expected of it.
The Samsung SSD 830 model is way much better than the SSD 470 model released last year. Controller speed wise, there is a huge difference and it was made so in a good way. The new model also has 6GB/s SATA 3.0, another significant upgrade from the old model.

The newest model also features 512GB now, which is unarguably better than last year’s 64GB though the latter only costs less than £100.
SSD 830 is available in two packages – the Desktop Kit and the Notebook Kit. The Desktop Kit includes cables and mounting brackets, while the Notebook Kit has a USB interface that you can use for cloning the hard drive to your SSD.

If you are going to use SSD and install it on your Mac, it still needs to be reformatted through Disk Utility. The package also includes exclusive migration software for Windows.

Usually, SSDs easily get heated up when used butt Samsung SSD 830 is different. It does not feel hot and works silently in the background. It does not consume so much of your notebook’s battery too.

While testing the new SSD in the 2011 MacBook Pro, which also has the same SATA interface as the SSD, we tested its read speeds with an average of 133.252MB/s and write speeds with an average pf 138.884MB/s. When the hard drive was used, the notebook has a read speed of 17.48MB/s and a write speed of 16.145MB/s. This only shows the significant improvement in Samsung SSD 830.
The drive can also be installed in as fast as 17.3 seconds, which is two times faster than how long it takes to install HDD on Mac.
Even if SSD 830 is priced at a premium over other SSDs currently in the market now, it is all worth it given its features.
Samsung 830 also accomplished the feat that the 470 series did last year when it comes to performance. They are able to leave a good impression on the customers. Even if the 830 Series also has some downsides, just like any other product, it has more good points than bad. The SSD’s NCQ performance is much better and the read speed is impressive. However, the series’ write speed is slower than the average for all SSDS. In this criterion, OCZ Vertex 3 and the Crucial m4 even works faster.

The Samsung SSD 830 series differentiates itself from the other SSDs in terms of its read and write performance. It can even be considered in par with SandForce SF-2200 with its read performance and it proved superior over the competition given its write tests.

The reviews for its application also came out mixed. It was rated average in terms of multi-tasking tests, windows boot times, and gaming level. However, it was rated excellent when it was tested for copying data to and from the drive as well as within it.

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