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Samsung SSD 830 512GB Review

move files ssdThe Samsung SSD 830 series differentiates itself from the other SSDs in terms of its read and write performance. It can even be considered in par with SandForce SF-2200 with its read performance and it proved superior over the competition given its write tests.

The reviews for its application also came out mixed. It was rated average in terms of multi-tasking tests, windows boot times, and gaming level. However, it was rated excellent when it was tested for copying data to and from the drive as well as within it.

samsung ssdThe price for the newest SSD is not yet revealed officially by the company. However, we heard that the price would be more or less the same with the 470 Series. If this is really true, then the 128GB SSD would cost around $215, the 256GB at around $425, and the 512GB at around $1,275. The anticipated price for the 128GB model for 830 is quite competitive because it is almost similar to the prices of the OCZ Vertex 3 and Crucial m4. However, the 256GB and 512GB models are much cheaper than the Vertex 3 SSDs but more expensive than m4’s. In terms of value and performance, the difference between the SSDs only lies on their reliability. Even if we cannot vouch for the reliability of the 830 Series just as yet, it would likely turn out as an excellent SSD if you consider Samsung’s track record in producing these drives. We have personal experience in this area as our 470 Series with 256GB is still working so well a year after we bought it. The thing is that we used it extensively the entire time we have it. We’re quite positive that we can expect the same thing from the 830 Series too.

Samsung Electronics is a multinational electronics and IT company that is based in Samsung Town, Seoul. It was founded right in South Korea. Its mother company is the Samsung Group. The company is currently operating in 61 countries with plants and sales in these places while employing about 160,000 people.

The company was recognized as the biggest IT manufacturer in the world on 2009, beating the IT leader Hewlett-Packard. It earned the highest revenue for its LCD and LED displays as well as memory chips. The company also nabbed the top spot for their TV products. Since 2006, Samsung has consistently been one of the top producers and sellers of TVs. This same sales pattern is estimated to be maintained by the company into 2010 and the years after that. The company is also a top manufacturer of LCD panels around the world and has been so for eight consecutive years.

When the company launched Galaxy S mobile phone, it has held on to being the second rank in the list of the top smartphone manufacturers for a few years now. It has proven to be a good competitor to Apple, much more so when the Samsung Galaxy Tablet was released to rival the iPad tablet.

The IT company divides its products into four categories – digital media, telecommunication network, semiconductor, and LCD digital appliance.
The Digital Media area includes products such as laser printers and laptops; computer monitors, televisions, and other digital displays; home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, microwave ovens, washers, and vacuum cleaners; and entertainment devices such as MP3 players, DVD players, and digital camcorders. The Semiconductor products include semiconductor chips such as NAND flash, SRAM, and SDRAM; smart cards, RF transceivers; Smart Card IC, storage devices, and more. The Telecommunication products include cellular devices, multi-service DSLAMs, satellite receivers, fax machines, and MITs. The LCD products include laptops, TVs, and computer monitors. In 2009, the company established Samsung Print, which focuses more on distributing the company’s printers and multifunctional devices.

Samsung makes some of the best SSD laptop drive and USB 3.0 external SSD drives for speeding up your PC / Mac experience. 500GB Samsung notebook SSD drives for laptop offer many advantages over regular HDD discs at a very competitive price if compared to OCZ, SanDisk, Transcend or Seagate solid state hard drive prices. Find the latest model 830 Samsung SSD on sale.

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